What we do

CMatt Consulting is a management and HR consulting firm that helps healthcare organizations improve their organizational effectiveness and employee experience. We believe in the power of empathy and human connection, and we use our expertise to provide customized solutions that empower healthcare organizations and drive transformative cultural change.

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“Driving Organizational Effectiveness and Employee Experience in Healthcare”

Our Values: The Foundation of Our Success

Our company is guided by five core values: excellence, integrity, collaboration, respect, and empathy. These values are at the heart of everything we do, and they help us to create a positive and productive work environment for our employees and to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Tailored Solutions:

We work with small to medium-sized healthcare organizations in a variety of settings, including orthopedic and specialty care practices, community health centers, outpatient infusion centers, and skilled nursing facilities

Our tailored solutions are scalable and can be customized to meet enhance employee experience and organizational effectiveness.

We have developed the COPE for Organizational Excellence Framework, a comprehensive assessment that evaluates four crucial areas: Culture, Operations, People, and Employee Experience. This framework guides our work, enabling us to take a holistic approach to enhancing organizational effectiveness and employee experience.


We help organizations assess their current culture and develop a plan for improvement.

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We help organizations develop empathetic leaders and create high-performing teams that are aligned with the company’s mission and values, prioritizing individual career development.

Enhance Your People Strategies


We help organizations identify and eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and achieve their goals

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Employee Experience

We help organizations create a seamless and enjoyable experience for employees at every touchpoint.

Optimize Employee Experience


Unlock the full potential of your healthcare organization with our transformative COPE framework. Our comprehensive assessment evaluates four crucial areas – Culture, Operations, People, and Employee Experience – to provide you with actionable insights and customized solutions. Elevate your effectiveness, optimize employee experience, and drive sustainable success with our proven methodology.

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Chanda was able to bring order out of chaos….There was immediate improvement in our triaging and management of phone calls. She met regularly with the physicians both formally to tackle big issues and on the fly to manage the many smaller day-to-day issues that arise in a medical practice.

John M., M.D

Chanda and I worked together on several large consulting projects. Clients loved her ability to truly listen to their needs and translate their thoughts and ideas into actionable outcomes. Chanda delivers high-quality work and is an expert at building relationships based on trust.

Kelly. G., MA